07.10.2021 The FAI congratulates Ms. Eva Hennecke on the successful defense of her doctoral thesis entitled “Effects of chronic and acute sleep deprivation on sleep-wake regulation and cognition”. First examiner of the thesis was Prof. Dr. Joachim Vogt, second examiner was PD Dr. Eva-Maria Elmenhorst from the German Aerospace Center in Cologne. The other review board members were Prof. Wolfgang Ellermeier, Ph.D., Prof. Dr. Stephanie Pieschl and Prof. Dr. Birgit Ziegler.

07.10.2021 Catrine Hovgesen received her doctoral certificate for a research project with 100 Patients. The title was „Sick with stress due to childhood schemas? Associations and potential preventive measures derived from a Danish client sample“

Catrine successfully defended her thesis against her supervisor, Prof. Dr. Joachim Vogt, and the co-referee Prof. Dr. Claudia Harzer, University of Greifswald. Prof. Wolfgang Ellermeier, PhD, was the chairman of the committee. The two associate judges were Hartmut Berger, Professor for Psychopathology, and Prof. Dr. Birgit Ziegler (Berufspädagogik und Berufsbildungsforschung).


Catrine Hovgesen

25.06.2021 We are pleased to announce that a piece of work launched from SecUrban has won 3rd place in the emergenCITY Collaboration Award:

Christian Reuter, Jasmin Haunschild, Matthias Hollick, Max Mühlhäuser, Joachim Vogt, Michael Kreutzer (2020). Towards Secure Urban Infrastrcutures: Cyber Security Challenges to Information and Communication Technology in Smart Cities.
The article can be found at the following link:

22.06.2020 The FAI would like to congratulate Ms Marita Unden on the successful examination of her doctoral thesis entitled “ Psychological stress and strain in foreign assignments – expatriates in development cooperation” (in German: “Psychische Belastung und Beanspruchung im Auslandseinsatz – Expatriates in der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit”)! The first examiner of the thesis was Prof. Dr. Joachim Vogt, the second examiner was Prof. Dr. Claudia Harzer. The other reviewers were Prof. Wolfgang Ellermeier, Ph.D., Prof. Dr. Frank Hänsel, and Prof. Dr. Brigit Ziegler.

An additional challenge was that the disputation took place for the first time in our research group and, due to the Corona pandemic, as a video conference. Ms Unden coped with this brilliantly!

03.04.2020 Due to the Corona virus, the FAI has been working almost exclusively from the home office for a while. Nevertheless, we can be reached by email and phone and try to implement all appointments and requests as well as possible digitally. So feel free to contact us with questions about projects, teaching or similar.

#ThankYou: We would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you in this extraordinary situation: thank you to the medical staff and all the researchers who are working against Corona every day. Thank you to all the people who ensure our daily care and day-to-day operations in various areas. Thank you to all the people who support and help in other ways. Thank you also to all the university members who continue to carry out research, teaching, and administration during these times.

The FAI wishes you all the best and, above all, good health!

03.03.2020 The FAI would like to congratulate Ms Nina Gerber on the successful disputation of her doctoral thesis entitled “”I wonder how, I wonder why“: Supporting users in protecting their digital privacy by increasing risk awareness and knowledge as well as addressing protection obstacles”! First examiner of the thesis was Prof. Dr. Joachim Vogt, second examiner was Prof. Dr. Sarah Diefenbach.

Link to the thesis: Universitätsbibliothek Technische Universität Darmstadt

01.03.2020 FAI puts its two-wheeler fleet into operation:

A BMW K75c (fig. right) and three electric bikes from Riese und Müller (fig. below). The BMW is used to generate video and vehicle data for the simulator, which is also to be used in Teaching in summer 2020 (Work and Product Design). Usability studies will then be carried out with the bikes in various scenarios.

E-bikes in the FAI from Riese und Müller

29.01.2020 Alina Stöver gave a lecture on the topic of “Protecting digital privacy – who bears what responsibility?” (in German: “Schutz digitaler Privatsphäre – wer trägt welche Verantwortung?”) in front of many interested people as part of the Academic Quarter at the TU Darmstadt and moderated a subsequent, exciting discussion on this topic. The lecture included the first results of an extensive study conducted within the interdisciplinary GRK “Privacy and Trust for Mobile Users”. There, Ms Stöver's research deals with privacy and trust in technology from a human perspective.

20.01.2020 Verena Zimmermannand Paul Gerber have published an article on the user-centred design of smart homes in the i-com Journal for Interactive Media. The article was written in cooperation with colleagues from the TK research group at the Department of Computer Science and Fraunhofer IGD as part of CRISP/ATHENE, the National Research Centre for Applied Cyber Security. A blog post about the article is available at Science Discoveries:

Picture: FAI
Picture: FAI
Picture: FAI
Picture: FAI
Picture: FAI


05.01.10: Following the success of the last university health days, the event will be re-issued on the 3rd of March, 2010 in the canteen (city centre). The workplace health promotion group “AK Gesundheit” kindly invites everybody to take an active part in the event. Different departments of the university will introduce themselves with their contributions regarding workplace health promotion. Presentations, discussions, talks and activity opportunities will provide a lot of inspiration. The increasing dominance of professional life leaves its tracks in social structures. It is more and more difficult to find the balance between stress – recreation and the meaning of work. This is about work-life-balance. There is continuing information here:

- Overview

- Presentation (opens in new tab)

04.01.10: We are pleased to welcome two new scientists in our research group:

- Arne Seehaus since 15.11.09

- Romanof Kroh since 01.01.10

29.07.09: The Federal Ministry of Education and Research grants a Future-Call-Project on cultural synergies in dealing with critical incidents. The main aim of this project is to propose a coordination and support activity in the Framework Programme 7 (FP7) of the European Commission. For further information please click here.

27.07.09: We are on-line!!! After our workgroup has settled down successfully in the institute, now we are also accessible on the internet.