Motorcycle simulation

The motorcycle simulator was built with the help of financial resources from the HP2020 university structure pact. It is mainly used in teaching (design projects, work and product design). Since good teaching and good research go hand in hand, we have established contact with the research department of motorcycle manufacturers. We are also preparing applications for research funds from the Rhine-Main University Initiative Fund. These are primarily used to initiate large-scale research projects, e.g. at the DFG (German Research Foundation). The hand and foot controls of the simulator as well as the dynamic seat were developed and built by our developer Allan Beaton from IASystems in England (

The aim is to reproduce the behavior of the real machine on real roads in the simulator as far as possible. In this way, real drives and quasi-experimental drives on the airfield of the TU Darmstadt in Griesheim can be recorded and played back one-to-one in the simulator."

Contact: Otilia Pasnicu, M. Sc.

In the context of motorcycle simulation, the following degree theses have already been supervised:

  • „To Brake or Not to Brake? – Der Einfluss mentaler und körperlicher Beanspruchung auf Time-to-Collision- Einschätzungen innerhalb einer simulierten Motorradfahraufgabe“ – Jessica Roll, Master-Thesis, SoSe2020; Poster (opens in new tab)
  • „Die Konstruktion und Evaluation eines Fragebogens zur Validierung eines Motorradsimulators“ – Katharina Freitag, Bachelor-Thesis, SoSe2020; Poster (opens in new tab)