Cultural areas and synergies

Diversity in higher education (Diversity in der Hochschullehre)

Dr. phil. Karola Wolff was a member of the organizational and personnel development team at the Ruhr University in Bochum. Prof. Dr. Joachim Vogt co-supervised and reviewed her dissertation in the PhD program at the University of Duisburg-Essen on the topic: “Diversity as a Perceptual Phenomenon – Student Diversity and its Significance for the Teaching-Learning Process from the Perspective of University Teachers” („Diversity als Wahrnehmungsphänomen – Studierendenvielfalt und ihre Bedeutung für den Lehr-Lernprozess aus Perspektive Hochschullehrender“). The dissertation can be downloaded at the following Link.

2012 Interculturality

Due to modern society and progressive globalization, the topic of interculturality is also becoming increasingly important in the German labor market. Prof. Dr. Joachim Vogt (TU-Darmstadt) and Prof. Dr. Petia Genkova (Hochschule Osnabrück) together with bachelor, master, and doctoral students (e.g. M.Sc. Psych. Doris Schuster) deal with the topic “Challenges and promotions of diversity (age, gender, interculturalism) in the field of personnel management” („Herausforderungen und Förderungen von Diversity (age, gender, interculturalism) im Bereich Personalmanagement“). Together, the current situation on the labor market is to be recorded with the aim of using the results to develop training courses that will be used and evaluated in German companies. The target group includes both managers and employees.

2010 CPH-DA

In the internationally visible program of the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst e.V. (DAAD) “Bi-national PhD Networks” (“Bi-nationale Promotionsnetzwerke”) a database based web platform was funded (DAAD Project-ID 51267618). On the three levels project management, document management, communication, data from and for 18 persons were made available, such as promotion projects, theory, and methodology. With query procedures these could be made accessible. A web server with the IT infrastructure of the Psychological Institute of the TU Darmstadt hosted this web platform and a video-based tutorial from 11 Oct. 2010 to 31 Dec. 2010. The productive system was successfully tested. A video tutorial in Camptasia, maintenance of the web server, traffic costs, backup of the data (24h cycle), monthly mirroring of an emergency system were financed by the DAAD. A presence event was organized in Darmstadt and formed the conclusion of the project. Links: and

2010 The Darmstadt Association Test (Darmstädter Assoziationstest)

Dr. Oliver Christ developed the Darmstadt Association Test DART in a third-party funded project sponsored by Deutsche Lufthansa AG. The “culture rooms” were intended to provide flight attendants with an aid to intercultural sensitization. Shortly before their departure to India, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam, they were given short presentations of culture-specific statements such as: “Touching Vietnamese children on the face is undesirable”. The correct answer is yes and it must be given quickly. The evaluation of the correct and incorrect answers as well as the reaction times were a valuable feedback whether one or the other is well prepared for the cultural area.

2005 Knowledge- and Culture-Transfer Denmark-Germany

Cultural synergies or cultural conflicts? University of Dortmund December 2005