GK 2050 Privacy and Trust for Mobile Users

Subarea A.2: User Sensitization for Privacy and Trust

The average user of digital services needs to be adequately informed about privacy and trust on the Internet if they want to use such services. A conflict of interest arises between the functionality of a service and the compliance with privacy, which should be communicated in a transparent, secure, and user-friendly manner. To achieve this goal, Project A.2 evaluates concepts for user sensitization with regard to knowledge gain in four areas: 1) what data the user gives to the service, 2) how it is handled, 3) what consequences and risks may arise as a result, and 4) with which different values the data are assigned for the user on the one hand and the service on the other. Concepts of sensitization are evaluated by probabilistic decision models that capture the user's perceived usefulness and risk of using a service. The goal is to develop a sensitization method that addresses the conflict of interest between functionality and privacy in a way that matches the user's preferences.

Contact: Alina Stöver, M.Sc.