Welcome to the work and engineering psychology research group!

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Our philosophy

Human behavior, cognition, and emotion in all its diversity is our concern. We investigate, model, predict, and improve the interaction of humans in technological and organizational environments. We optimize the mutual learning and interacting of humans with technology and organization.

Products, production, and service processes are successful, when leaders, managers and staff are safe, efficient, and healthy in fulfilling their respective tasks. Work should make sense and fun, respect natural resources and environments. This requires:

  • Ergonomic work design
  • Recruiting the right new people and facilitating them into the new job roles
  • Training the established work force
  • Leadership and team development
  • Innovation in technology, products, services, and work processes
  • Resilience engineering

Our values

Integrity is our highest value. We act according to ethical principles of science and research. Our projects contribute to health, safety, natural resource and environment protection.

Our strengths

We develop intervention, prevention, innovation, and evaluation in interdisciplinary cooperation. Previous scientists were expected to know everything about a very tiny specialist area. The global problems of today will only be overcome by integrating the knowledge of many specialist areas. Therefore, we need specialists and generalists in interdisciplinary research and development teams.

Our society needs to become interdisciplinary. University graduates must be trained in multiple methods and interdisciplinary project work from the first year on. (KIVA)

Our society needs integration of psychological care. The dramatic increase of psychological problems at work requires psycho-hygiene. Stress, strain, burnout, critical incidents at work etc. demand integrated care. Instead of ignoring psychological problems and pushing them to private life, employers must offer psychological services at work. The demographic change and lack of qualified experts will lead to workforce migration towards the best employers. FAI combines clinical psychology with work and organizational psychology to meet this challenge. (see for example:here)

Our society needs user- and environmental-friendly products. We investigate and design intuitive interaction of humans with machines. Doing so, sustainable resource and energy management is an important issue. (see for example: here)

Companies and other organizations need strategic human resource management. The old way of trying and reducing staff will not work in the times of demographic change. Planning, controlling, developing, and sustaining personnel deserve strategic attention and instruments like Balanced Scorecards are helpful to manage soft factors like health and safety. (see for example: Human factory in safety and business management and Profitability Assessment and Economic Evaluation of Human Performance Management Programmes – Guidelines and Tools)

Companies and other organizations need sustainable production and service processes. Customers increasingly consider environmental issues in their decisions. Raw material, energy, water, and disposal fees for waste are becoming more expensive. Sustainable production and service provision becomes a strategic competition advantage.

Employees want Work-Life-Balance. The „War for Talents“ will favor employers with solutions for stress, strain, and work privacy conflicts.

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